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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Seo Elite

In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) everyone wants high rankings for fast/automated income. However, if you want high rankings you need links and a large volume of them. If you were to get links manually it would take you months upon months of painstaking link building. To speed this process up you would need a piece of software capable of sending massive amounts of link requests quickly and effectively.

SEO Elite is programmed to be that exact program. Its features were built to automate SEO to give great Search Engine Rankings incredibly quickly, and it would also gather information about your competitors SEO statistics.

I put SEO Elite to the test of rankings and it was the best SEO program that I had used in a long time.

You’re Probably wondering what SEO Elite Does. It actually does a variety of SEO tasks.

1. Submits Your Articles To The Most Popular Articles Directories
2. Find And Contact High Quality Authority Websites
3. Quickly See Why ANY Website Ranks Highly In Google, Yahoo, Or MSN
4. Find Out If Your Link Partners Have Removed Your Link From Their Site
5. See Where Your Website Ranks In Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alltheweb, and Altavista
6. Sends Link Requests To Potential High Pagerank Website Owners.
7. Instantly Finds Hundreds of High Page Rank Websites In Your Niche.

All in all SEO Elite was a great SEO Software experience. SEO Elite can save you a lot of time you could spend making new websites and increasing your daily income.

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Hacking Windows Xp Video

The Video below shows how to hack windows xp...

'Scrap All Friends' Without Ad in Orkut

I guess everyone out here is fed up with scrap all spam. Those who once used to scrap all their friends to greet, now have an advertisement below their scraps. No doubt this looks odd and embarrassing. So today, we'll provide you a few tips to disable this advertisement below the scraps.
Here are a Couple of things You Can Do Disable Advertisements:

a> Use a scrap all script which is ad free :
• You can use Scrap All provided by Orkut Plus! (No Advertisements) - Click Here to Install -http://userscripts.org/scripts/source/11850.user.js
• Now Navigate to http://www.orkut.com/ScrapAll to use this feature
• Send scraps to your friends without any advertisement

b> Disable Advertisements in Existing Scrap All Scripts :
Those who feel they have a better scrap all installed or are not comfortable installing/uninstalling again and again can use this method to disable advertisements.
• Write the message in the text box which you want to send to all your friends.
• Now to disable the advertisements write <.script> without "." as shown in the screenshot.
• Now, send the ad free scraps.
• That is all

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tracing IP

Tracing IP (Remote Concept)

Did you ever want to know the location of the person whom you are chatting/talking to (on Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ messenger) or with whom you are transacting with on Internet.
Did you ever want to know the Country, City, Latitude, Longitude, Browser any person is using, Operating System he is working on. You can know it all here !!
This is a system to trace the location (country, city, etc. ) and also browser and OS of anyone on internet.

All you need to do is to invite that person (whom you want to trace) to a page and all his details will automatically get mailed to you at your Email Address that you provide here.
After you provide your email id here, a unique link will be mailed to you at which you'll have to invite your target. As soon as the person clicks that link, his location details will be mailed to you.

Try this here

Wanna know your own IP? , just open http://www.showmyip.com

Logging on to a strange computer

Logging on to a strange computer (Using Telnet /Win95 For AOL Connection).

To do this (I mean log on to a strange computer, not scare your neighbors) go to the DOS prompt C:\WINDOWS> and give the command telnet. This brings up a telnet screen. Click on Connect, then click Remote System.

This brings up a box that asks you for Host Name. Type whois.internic.net into this box. Below that it asks for Port and has the default value of telnet. Leave in telnet for the port selection. Below that is a box for TermType. I recommend picking VT100 because, well, just because I like it best.

The first thing you can do to frighten your neighbors and impress your friends is a whois. Click on Connect and you will soon get a prompt that looks like this:


Then ask your friend or neighbor his or her email address. Then at this InterNIC prompt, type in the last two parts of your friends email address. For example, if the address is luser@aol.com, type in aol.com.

Now Im picking AOL for this lesson because it is really hard to hack. Almost any other on-line service will be easier.

For AOL we get the answer:

[vt100] InterNIC > whois aol.com
Connecting to the rs Database . . . . . .
Connected to the rs Database
America Online (AOL-DOM)
12100 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, Virginia 22091

Domain Name: AOL.COM

Administrative Contact:
O'Donnell, David B (DBO3) PMDAtropos@AOL.COM
703/453-4255 (FAX) 703/453-4102
Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
America Online (AOL-NOC) trouble@aol.net
Billing Contact:
Barrett, Joe (JB4302) BarrettJG@AOL.COM
703-453-4160 (FAX) 703-453-4001

Record last updated on 13-Mar-97.
Record created on 22-Jun-95.

Domain servers in listed order:


These last three lines give the names of some computers that work for America Online (AOL). If we want to hack AOL, these are a good place to start.

Evil genius tip: Using your Win 95 and an Internet connection, you can run a whois query from many other computers, as well. Telnet to your target computers port 43 and if it lets you get on it, give your query. Example: telnet to nic.ddn.mil, port 43. Once connected type whois DNS-01.AOL.COM, or whatever name you want to check out. However, this only works on computers that are running the whois service on port 43. Warning: show this trick to your neighbors and they will really be terrified. They just saw you accessing a US military computer! But its OK, nic.ddn.mil is open to the public on many of its ports. Check out its Web site www.nic.ddn.mil and its ftp site, too -- they are a mother lode of information that is good for hacking.

Next I tried a little port surfing on DNS-01.AOL.COM but couldnt find any ports open. So its a safe bet this computer is behind the AOL firewall.

Newbie note: port surfing means to attempt to access a computer through several different ports. A port is any way you get information into or out of a computer. For example, port 23 is the one you usually use to log into ashell account. Port 25 is used to send email. Port 80 is for the Web. There are thousands of designated ports, but any particular computer may be running only three or four ports. On your home computer your ports include the monitor, keyboard, and modem.