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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Compress 1 Gb to 10 MB

compress Your 1 GB data/movie in Just 10 MB

It is Amazing to say compress ur 1GB data/move into 10MB. Really it is possible with the KGB Freeware (Open source) software. U can Down load the software from http://kgbarchiver.net/?page=download and fallow the following the steps.

Its damn simple..Heres the procedure.. U can compress that data in two formats..1) KGB format 2) ZIP format ..Everyone knows the ZIP format..I tell u which is better & why..If u do it in KGB format it takes 5-6 hours on a 256 mb RAM, to compress 1 GB data/movie in less than 10 MB , but (this is not which i prefer) coz to decompress u take the same time.. So its useless..& u need KGB archiver only only for this format to decompress..But if u do it in ZIP format it takes 6-7 hours on a 256 MB ram, but i tell u its worth coz WINRAR & WINZIP both can decompress it in seconds.. OK now its clear that which format to use & which is better..Now we'll go how to use that software..Run the application>> It asks for which file u wanna compress>> select the file>> after u select>> U get two options in which format u want to compress it>> select ZIP format ( I prefer ) >> and then set compression level to maximum (maximum the compression level , small the size of it will be compressed)>> Just ignore the time given below it coz its just useless....... There is option that u can auto shutdown ur computer after the compression is over..SO u can got school/college/office & keep it to get compressed.. I do the same..


junaid said...

is is not working on my computer please help me i need this trick work i need it very much.

Amod said...

how can i download it

binu george from allahabad said...

you can download this kgb software from rapidshare
just copy and paste in google search and press enter:

kgb download site:rapidshare.com

thats it , you will find kgb

enjoy !


i dont have that much time to compress. tell me fast compressor

Alex said...

My brother has many troubles with his zip files, but once I advised him a tool. To my great surprise he thanked me much and what is more I think this tool would assist in many troubles as I tnink - fixing a zip file.

Rasel Mahmud said...

dud it is not working please help...